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Re: Please check draft font license for StixFonts - is it suitably free?

Simos Xenitellis <simos74@gmx.net> wrote: [...]
> http://www.stixfonts.org/user_license.html
> It looks that the license is similar to that of Bitstream Vera (good!).
> Could you please check the license and provide feedback to them?
> [The feedback form at www.stixfonts.org is not working at the moment, I 
> reported it to them.]

Given that, I have no idea where to send the feedback. Please relay
a summary of this thread if you have another way to contact them.

In my opinion, this licence gives free redistribution, acceptably
protects integrity of the author's source, doesn't discriminate
against people and allows distribution of licence, but it
does not permit some derived works (clauses 3 and 4, that you
mentioned), and I feel that clauses 4 and 5 may discriminate
against commercial resale or contaminate other software or both.

Do the fonts come with source code?

> [...] if you feel that something needs to change in "article 3", 
> say so, providing a new suggested text. Remember, this is a draft license.

Please use an existing licence or ask the drafting lawyers to
correct the above problems with this one. I am not a lawyer,
nor experienced enough in foreign law, and will likely botch it.

Good luck packaging these for debian,
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