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Re: Bug#321669: enigma: Copyright violation for menu.s3m

> We spoke about documentation, firmware, and other such stuff which you have a
> reasonable reason to modify, but music for a game ? You are free to take the
> music and replace it with another, i suppose.

This is an s3m, screamtracker file. You can modify it quite easily with
so called trackers. We also have one as package: Soundtracker (although
I don't know if its does .s3m, the docs only mention .xm and .xi)
You could claim that this is a script, i.e. a program, to play music!

Anyway, I'm going to upload with the music removed for now.

> > We have a licence which allows free distribution along with enigma. This
> > is not debian-specific - so it's fine for re-distributors like ubuntu -
> > but still not DFSG-free.
> So, what is it you want ? Full redistribution right outside of enigma as well

No, because this is still non-free according to DFSG. We need the public
right to modify it in order to meet the DFSG.

best regards,
Erich Schubert
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