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Re: Bug#321669: enigma: Copyright violation for menu.s3m

I'm going to upload a new enigma package soon, since enigma in unstable
is uninstallable now (depending on the old libzipios package, g++
transition to 4.0)

I'd like to resolve this issue with the same upload - what do you

I'm cc'ing debian-legal, too. Short version of the situation for
Enigma contains a music file - menu title song - which I'd consider
non-free with respect to Debian DFSG rules.
Enigma was given the permission to distribute that song in an "informal
The author of the song is credited in the manual as
  Andrew Sega       Menu music (Pentagonal Dreams)

I basically see three solutions:
- make an enigma 0.92.1 upload, removing the s3m file
  (eventually making a non-free enigma-music package, but I'm too lazy)
- ask the author of the song if he'd GPL-licence it
- move enigma as-is to non-free

The second would be the nicest, but I'd go for the first for now.

Debian-Legal: I also need your advice for Debian stable.
AFAICT it's non-obvious that the music is not GPL-licenced.
(Well, the file's internal copyright says "all rights reserved")
Neither that you can't just take it out and distribute it by itself!

best regards,
Erich Schubert
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