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Re: Bug#321669: enigma: Copyright violation for menu.s3mpps

Hello Erich,
On Sun, Aug 28, 2005 at 02:48:27PM +0200, Erich Schubert wrote:
> I'd like to resolve this issue with the same upload - what do you
> suggest?

I concur with your reasoning below.

> I'm cc'ing debian-legal, too. Short version of the situation for
> debian-legal:
> Enigma contains a music file - menu title song - which I'd consider
> non-free with respect to Debian DFSG rules.
> Enigma was given the permission to distribute that song in an "informal
> email".
> The author of the song is credited in the manual as
>   Andrew Sega       Menu music (Pentagonal Dreams)
> I basically see three solutions:
> - make an enigma 0.92.1 upload, removing the s3m file
>   (eventually making a non-free enigma-music package, but I'm too lazy)
> - ask the author of the song if he'd GPL-licence it
> - move enigma as-is to non-free
> The second would be the nicest, but I'd go for the first for now.

Is it technically possible to supply a different, DFSG-free music
file? Otherwise I concur: the first option for the short term, and the
second option medium-term.

> Debian-Legal: I also need your advice for Debian stable.
> AFAICT it's non-obvious that the music is not GPL-licenced.

Indeed. I just discovered it because I went through the sounds in
/usr/share and played them with external applications.

> (Well, the file's internal copyright says "all rights reserved")
> Neither that you can't just take it out and distribute it by itself!

I agree. The only license is to distribute it along the game
unmodified (as stated above).

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