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Re: Rules for submitting licenses for review

On Monday 22 August 2005 02:45 am, Ricardo Gladwell wrote:
> I was hoping to review the Open Game License[1]. Although not a
> software license, it has been used in the popular PCGen software
> application which could, hypothetically, be added to Debian at some
> point.

Funny story about the Open Game License!!!  This summer I intered for Wizards 
of the Coast in their legal department.  During my interview, and before I 
signed the NDA, we had a brief discussion about the OGL prompted by my 
statement that I study open source licenses in law school.  The following 
interesting things came out of that discussion.

1) they consider the OGL to be similar to "how Linux is licensed".
2) no one at Legal has really looked at the OGL for some time.
3) had my contract money not run out, I was to look over the OGL and suggest 
how to revamp it to make it more "user friendly"

Unfortuantely, Wizards didn't do so well last quarter and they had to let go a 
bunch of their contract employees.  It's a shame :(


Sean Kellogg
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UW Service & Activities Committee Interim Chair 
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