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Bug#323533: DCC is non-free

Package: dcc
Severity: serious

First (of course) IANAL. And I could be entirely wrong (I hope so).

It is my understanding that DCC (Distributed Checksum Clearinghouses)
is not free because of patent issues. According to the license at

 * This agreement is not applicable to any entity which sells anti-spam
 * solutions to others or provides an anti-spam solution as part of a
 * security solution sold to other entities, or to a private network
 * which employs the DCC or uses data provided by operation of the DCC
 * but does not provide corresponding data to other users.


 * Parties not eligible to receive a license under this agreement can
 * obtain a commercial license to use DCC and permission to use
 * U.S. Patent 6,330,590 by contacting Commtouch at http://www.commtouch.com/
 * or by email to nospam@commtouch.com.

I imagine past versions of DCC do not have this clause in their
license; however, they probably still infringe on the patent (which I
haven't read, not do I intend on reading), and still can not be
distributed in concordance with the DFSG.

Is this correct? Does DCC need to be removed from Debian?

Duncan Findlay

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