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Re: texi2html images licence

> Personally, I feel that this could be better:
>   * Just use GPL in Debian for these images (solve problem immediately).
>   * Work out what programs use texi2html with the images (I do not
> believe very many do).

These images are not to be automatically used, they are there only for the
convenience of a user that would want do use the images instead of text for 
the buttons. A user has to do manually tweak his init file to use the
images. However my idea was that to save time for those who want to use
images it should be nice to provide them a selection of allready existing 

>   * In a months time, see for possible re-dual licensing of the images
> to fix problems for these packages, or give packages the opportunity
> to either not use the images.  (In which I believe is possible)

The images are not needed at all (except in the singular manual). I don't
know personnaly of a manual that use those images. The autotool manual 
use another set of images.

> > Maybe the simplest thing would be to let the images under the GPL such
> > that it is clear that there is no issue regarding redistribution, and
> > have a README in the images directory that states clearly that these images
> > cannot be used (even in the manual if the manual is under the GFDL)?
> Not sure if this would be allowed, d-legal may be able to give us a
> pointer on it.

When I reread my paragraph it seems that I didn't explained myself correctly.
I wanted to say

We should licence the images under the GPL, or under a double licence CC-SA/GPL
and add a README stating something like:

   These images are licences under a CC-SA/GPL licence. These licences 
   are such that when combined with other works the whole work should
   be under the GPL or CC-SA. So you cannot combine the images with other 
   materials, for example a manual text if the manual text is under a
   licence that doesn't allows to be relicenced under the conditions of
   the GPL or the CC-SA. For example a manual licenced under the GFDL
   or the artlibre licence cannot be combined with the image.

Otherwise the casual user will violate the images licence without even
knowing he is doing so.


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