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Re: texi2html images licence

(Also replying to bug page & debian-legal (d-l: please CC me on any replies))

Personally from what I have gathered:
 * If texi2html has released the singular images under a special
agreement (from which it seems), then maybe the images should be
released dual-licensed (under GPL & CC), of course under this
agreement Debian would only be able to pickup the GPL part.

On 09/08/05, Patrice Dumas <pertusus@free.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> I think that we should solve the images licence issue, it is annoying to have
> trouble with an issue which is rather minor. The last outstanding issue is that
> it seems that debian legal doesn't like creative commons sharelike atribution.
> http://people.debian.org/~evan/ccsummary.html
d-legal: what is the rough status of CC licenses coming in Debian?
> They recommend using the GPL. That should not be an issue as these images are
> GPLed in singular. However I don't feel very comfortable with the GPL images
> because the phrasing of the GPL is about programs. It should also possible
> to use the Artlibre licence although I don't know what is the debian legal
> advice on that.
> This issue appears for the distribution of the images as part as texi2html.
> There is an even more troublesome issue regarding their use. As all the licence
> GPL, GFDL, CC-SA, artlibre are 'viral', that is impose that all the derivative
> works are under the same licence the are each other incompatible. So if I have
> understood well the issue, if the images are licenced under one of these
> licences they cannot be used in a manual licenced under any other licence.
> Therefore they don't have any utility. To solve that issue I see 2
> possibilities.
> * use the 4 licences together.
> * use a licence more like BSD licence such that the images can be relicensed
>   under one of the above licences when included in a manual. In that case
>   they may also be used in any proprietary work.
> I feel uncomfortable with both options. Any of these require to get in touch
> with the singular team.
Personally, I feel that this could be better:
  * Just use GPL in Debian for these images (solve problem immediately).
  * Work out what programs use texi2html with the images (I do not
believe very many do).
  * In a months time, see for possible re-dual licensing of the images
to fix problems for these packages, or give packages the opportunity
to either not use the images.  (In which I believe is possible)

I'd also like d-legal's opinion on this please.
> Maybe the simplest thing would be to let the images under the GPL such
> that it is clear that there is no issue regarding redistribution, and
> have a README in the images directory that states clearly that these images
> cannot be used (even in the manual if the manual is under the GFDL)?
Not sure if this would be allowed, d-legal may be able to give us a
pointer on it.
> --
> Pat

N Jones
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