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Re: RFS: tvbrowser -- TV-Browser is a java-based TV guide

Hi Andrew and Mentors,

Andrew Saunders wrote:
> On 8/6/05, Bastian Venthur <expires-2006@venthur.de> wrote:
>> 2) The gifs are free!
> Unfortunately not. :-( Try actually downloading the graphics from that
> site using the link provided, and you're forced to accept the
> following license agreement:
> This license is obviously non-free as it expressly prohibits creating
> or distributing modified versions. I also suspect that the prohibition
> on using the graphics "in a manner which is disparaging to Sun" fails
> DFSG #6.

Hmm strange behaviour of sun...

> But hey, it's still an improvement - beforehand, we didn't even have
> permission to distribute the graphics *at all*. Now at least they're
> suitable for non-free.

Fine, for me that's a good start. I'd like to package tvbrowser as non-free
at the first run and in the meantime try to convince upstream to substitute
this non-free-images with free ones in the next version. If they don't want
to do so, than I'd do this by myself in order to push tvbrowser from
non-free to contrib. Would this be OK?

In the meantime I've found something about the copyrighted files from sun.
Actually these files are part of the official j2sdk! The contens of
win/include seems to be just a copy of my /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun/include.
But I have no idea how to treat this information. Does this mean, that
these files can be treated like our gifs, or do they block a distribution
into debian? If not: here is my updated non-free version of tv-browser:


If these files are showstoppers, then I'll just remove the win-dir (we
obviously don't need it anyway).

Kind regards and thanks for your help


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