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Re: Re: BitTorrent Open Source License (Proposed Changes)

On 8/6/05, Michael K. Edwards <m.k.edwards@gmail.com> wrote:
> I read, and am enlightened!  To repeatedly disclaim authority, either
> as a representative of the community or as a subject matter expert, is
> to self-select as an authority!  To acknowledge error, in response to
> concrete evidence brought to bear by others or by one's own further
> research, is to be an ideologue!  To respect the integrity of judges,
> cite extensively from case law, and take seriously precedents raised
> by others is to have brazen contempt for real-world law!  War is
> peace!  Freedom is slavery!  Ignorance is strength!

Please don't pretend that that's what Nathanael was talking about.

You have rather freely incorporated your own opinions -- sometimes
very disparaging opinions -- in with the citations, facts, and
disclaimers you mention above.

Granted, you now exhibit reluctance when you make "crack smoking"
comments, and you don't use that particular phrase as often as you
used to.  But you're still rather free with your implications (and the
above paragraph of yours is another example of this).

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