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Re: FAIwiki Copyrights

On Friday 05 August 2005 07:24 am, Geert Stappers wrote:
> Question to -legal@l.d.o.:
>  Which license (and which version of it) is adviced for a wiki
>  in the spirit of DFSG?

Obviously these fine folks have decided to seek a license which is DFSG, but 
it begs the questions, is a DFSG license necessary?

As I understand it, Debian's responsibility is to ensure that everything 
(software, documentation, etc) distributed by Debian is done under a DFSG 
license...  but is it Debian's intent to ensure that all "stuff" produced by 
said DFSG licensed software is also free?  Strikes me that such a requirement 
means that I need to release any document I produce with OpenOffice under a 
free license.

I suggest that the makers of FAIwiki can build in whatever default license 
they want for the content posted to wikis deployed using their software.  So 
long as the underlying code is DFSG licensed, the rest is really outside of 
the scope of Debian's distribution requirements.

Taking it to the next step...  is there really anything wrong with using a CC 
license in this instance (granting that the CC license is non-free).


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