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Re: LGPL module linked with a GPL lib

On 8/3/05, Jeff Licquia <licquia@debian.org> wrote:
> >  In any case, there's a perfectly good argument that for
> > Debian to piss off the FSF is not a good idea whether or not they have
> > a legal leg to stand on.  I personally would be ashamed to lend my
> > good name to their conduct in recent years, but YMMV.
> In this case, why do you continue to argue with what debian-legal thinks
> is the prudent course of action for Debian to take, especially when you
> admit that you may not agree with Debian's goals?

Although I think that argument's perfectly good, I think the arguments
on the other side are sometimes better.  And as I've written
elsewhere, the reasons why one says one is making a particular
decision can sometimes have bigger legal consequences than the
decision itself.  Although I have no direct stake in the outcome of
these debates (IANADD), I care enough about Debian's well-being to
have put rather a lot of time and thought into the matter.

Now, where did I say that I don't agree with Debian's goals?  I
respect Debian's priorities -- Debian's users and Free Software.  My
own goals are rarely, if ever, in conflict with them.  I am largely
satisfied with the definition of Free Software given in the DFSG.  But
I don't believe that _either_ of Debian's priorities is well served by
misunderstanding or misrepresenting the applicable law, by citing fear
of legal action rather than courtesy to the FSF as a reason for
seeking "GPL exemptions" from upstream, or by hostility to ISVs who
are making an effort to play fair.

- Michael

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