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Re: LGPL module linked with a GPL lib

On Wed, 2005-07-27 at 14:44 -0700, Michael K. Edwards wrote:
> How many participants in the KDE/Qt brouhaha actually cited relevant
> case law? 

I recall that quite a bit of case law was discussed.  Perhaps the
debian-legal archives could tell you more.

>  In any case, there's a perfectly good argument that for
> Debian to piss off the FSF is not a good idea whether or not they have
> a legal leg to stand on.  I personally would be ashamed to lend my
> good name to their conduct in recent years, but YMMV.

In this case, why do you continue to argue with what debian-legal thinks
is the prudent course of action for Debian to take, especially when you
admit that you may not agree with Debian's goals?

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