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Re: BitTorrent Open Source License (Proposed Changes)

Now, I recognize that I am still "in school" and haven't "taken the bar." But
I'm no dummy.  That being said, I have a lot to learn...  but based on the
conversations on this list, I think I'm about as qualified as anyone else to point out that the term "available" is different from "distribute" and should
be changed if you want to avoid confusion.

Extreamly true. Remember that in general the contract am held to is that which I sign. I will read the contract based on normal enigish. If the legal meaning f the word differs from the common meaning, the common meaning MUST prevail, as the people who are bound by the contract WILL interpret it using the common meaning. Until Legislation that requires that a layer be made available by the contractor from which the contractee can recive binding explanations of contract terms, that is the ONLY fair and equitable way to interperate contracts.

For that reason, A non-lawyer is equally suited to point out potential wording problems in a contract as a lawyer.

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