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Re: BitTorrent Open Source License (Proposed Changes)

On Sunday 31 July 2005 07:44 am, Andrew Suffield wrote:
> An undergrad law student. Letting law undergrads write licenses is at
> least as bad as letting CS undergrads write code (and CS students
> don't have to undergo further training before they can practice). And
> lawyers who've just passed their vocational qualification don't
> normally get allowed to write important license/contract text by the
> practice they join, until they've acquired a considerable amount of
> experience.

You other comments are really not worth responding to, but as a matter of 
personal honor, I am no undergrad.  I graduated in Political Science with 
distinction, in the class of 2003 with the top thesis award and top honors in 
my department.  I am now a law student, which in the States is a Doctoral 
degree, entering into my 3L year having just been awarded the highest grade 
in copyrights.  Among my peers I am considered the foremost expert on the 
issue, and several professors have sought me out for my opinions on licensing 
and copyright matters for pending law review articles.  As for drafting 
licenses, I just completed the license drafting course in which my licenses 
(final project, dozens of pages sort of things) was presented as the best 
example of how to accomplish the goals of the assignmnet.  I was also the 
winner of the Heller Elerman Contract Drafting competition at my school.

Now, I recognize that I am still "in school" and haven't "taken the bar."  But 
I'm no dummy.  That being said, I have a lot to learn...  but based on the 
conversations on this list, I think I'm about as qualified as anyone else to 
point out that the term "available" is different from "distribute" and should 
be changed if you want to avoid confusion.


Sean Kellogg
3rd Year - University of Washington School of Law
Graduate & Professional Student Senate Treasurer
UW Service & Activities Committee Interim Chair 
w: http://probonogeek.blogspot.com

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