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Re: UMORIA licensing review

"Nathanael Nerode" <neroden@twcny.rr.com> wrote:
> UMORIA 5.4, however, was released after the copyright law change.  Anyway,
> it contains additional copyright notices (Christopher J. Stuart, Joseph Hall,
> etc.).  They have not relicensed their work.  So it appears that UMORIA 5.4
> is not yet free software.

Do these notices assert copyright from before the GPL relicensing
and is it clear whether or not they were party to the relicensing?

moria package is in non-free. The upstream source in the copyright
file does not work. The latest sources in non-free look non-free.

> So it looks like UMORIA 4.87 can be uploaded to main, but not UMORIA 5.5. 
> Sound right?

Probably, but moreinfo please.

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