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UMORIA licensing review


VMS Moria was originally published prior to 1989 (copyright notices were
required), and contained copyright notices only from Robert Koeneke.
He has relicensed it under the GPL.

UMORIA was based on that and released in 1988 by James E. Wilson, with
copyright notices only by him and Robert Koeneke.  He has also relicensed
it under the GPL.

This appears to mean that UMORIA 4.87 is free, GPL-licensed.

UMORIA 5.4, however, was released after the copyright law change.  Anyway,
it contains additional copyright notices (Christopher J. Stuart, Joseph Hall,
etc.).  They have not relicensed their work.  So it appears that UMORIA 5.4
is not yet free software.

So it looks like UMORIA 4.87 can be uploaded to main, but not UMORIA 5.5. 
Sound right?

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