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Re: Alternatives to the Affero General Public License

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005 19:05:00 -0700, "Gregor Richards"
<grichards@ml1.net> said:
> Because the AGPL has some implementation issues that make it possibly
> incompatible with the DFSG, I've been trying to find an alternative that
> would still protect source-code redistribution on line.  Basically, I'm
> trying to write a special exception to the GNU GPL that would add this
> without some of the practical problems, and possibly with DFSG and OSI
> compliance.  I'm not entirely clear on to what extent point 4 (Integrity
> of The Author's Source Code) applies.  Clearly, the AGPL creates an
> "invariant section" like the GFDL, which doesn't work.  My proposed
> change works more like clause 2(c) of the GNU GPL.  There's no exact
> code that needs to be kept, but a certain functionality does.  I don't
> think this contradicts anything in the DFSG, but I'm no expert, and
> would like your opinions.

I think I need to post my updated version, since it's had some minor
changes, plus an added section on temporary outages that I felt was
necessary (though it may just open up a new can of worms).
This would be an added clause 2(d) to the GNU GPL (forming a modified
license which is not, obviously, the GNU GPL)

If your work based on the Program is designed to interact with users
through a computer network, your work based on the Program must
prominently provide to all users who interact with it through a computer
network the opportunity to receive the complete source code for your
work based on the Program via that same network and the same protocol.
At your preference, or if that protocol lacks the means to send the
complete source code to the user, your work based on the Program may
instead use the HTTP protocol for this purpose. (Exception: if the
Program itself is designed to interact with users through a computer
network but does not normally provide this functionality, your work
based on the Program is not required to provide this functionality.)

    * Your work based on the Program does not need to functionally
    reproduce its own source code to fulfill this requirement. It may
    instead send a prefabricated archive of the source code, if you
    ensure that the program in the prefabricated archive is the same as
    the program that will be interacted with through a computer network.
    * You may optionally exclude in this transmission or archive any
    files which serve only the purpose of configuring the Program, and
    contain no program logic, so long as their complete function is
    documented in the other files.
    * You are not in violation of this license if a temporary (lasting
    less than 24 hours), unpredictable (does not happen on a regular
    basis or unusually often) situation beyond your control causes users
    who interact with your copy of the Program or your copy of a work
    based on the Program through a computer network to be unable to
    receive the complete source code. If the situation lasts for more
    than 24 hours, you must either disable interaction with the Program
    through the affected computer network or by some means restore
    source code transmission as described above.
  Gregor Richards

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