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Re: Linux mark extortion

Stephen Frost wrote:

>What's the scenario you're concerned about here?  Someone taking Debian
>and distributing it as "MyLinux" and Debian not protecting that use
>	Stephen
Not even that. The license only applies to "(c) on AUTHORIZED
GOODS/SERVICES which are (i) produced by or for SUBLICENSEE, and (ii)
distributed under SUBLICENSEE’s name."

Debian distribution does not work this way. Debian CDs are not produced
by or for us, they are made by third parties with whom we have no
contract. They are not distributed in our name but in the name of those
third parties.

In other words, I don't see that the license as currently written works
for software that our CD manufacturers duplicate and sell.

They clearly did not understand our model and did not bother to ask us
about it. Debian is still the #2 Linux distribution worldwide, so this
seems to me to be a pretty significant error.



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