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Re: Linux mark extortion

* Bruce Perens (bruce@perens.com) wrote:
> The userlinux project has been approached by the Linux Mark Institute
> with a demand for money in order to make use of the "Linux" trademark.
> Said demand would also apply to the Debian project. I believe their
> terms to be non-DFSG-compliant. See http://www.linuxmark.org/ . Debian
> has made historicial use of the mark GNU/Linux and has a right to
> continue to do so.

I'm not entirely sure that what Debian does wouldn't fall under the
"descriptive use" concept.  "Debian GNU/Linux" is more like "Debian for
GNU/Linux" than "DebianLinux".  Personally I couldn't care less about
removing "GNU/Linux" from the 'name' of the Debian product (not that I'm
entirely sure I'd even consider it part of the name, but whatever).
That would seem to alliviate this issue regardless.

Of course, other alternatives would be to ask if they'd let us have a
license without the costs, given that we're a not-for-profit, etc.

I don't see DFSG coming into this at all and, no, I don't think we need
to run around and remove the word "Linux" from the entire distro or some
such nonsense.



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