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Re: Law projects in countries using/valorating Software Libre

On Tue, 31 May 2005 02:35:36 -0400 Maykel Moya wrote:

> As much of you probably know. Cuba is know giving the very first steps
> toward Software Libre inclusion in our society and in the
> infrastructure of the goverment.

Mmmh, this is good news!  :)

> I'm a member of LiHab, the Havana's LUG, and now some guys from the
> community are collaborating with the people of the goverment wich are
> heading the migration.

Well done!

> Particularly I'm giving my help with the legal group and we are
> looking now for as much legal info as I could get about laws or laws
> projects that countries (regions) which had included Software Libre
> officially, are following.
> In particular I'm looking for legal info related to SL for:
> Italy (Florence)
> I'd really appreciate if you help me to contact people which could
> give me some info (no matter how little it could be) about what have
> been legally stated (where appropiate) on those countries.

OK, I'm from Florence and I know Alessio Papini personally.
Alessio was the main author of the Green Party pro-free-software motion
here at Florence.
He's quite knowledgeable about this topic!  ;-)

Take into account that he's not a politician anymore, but anyway he
knows some other people that are now following this issue... 
> Regards,
> maykel
> PS: Please CC'd me, I'm not yet subscribed.

I also Cc:ed Alessio Papini, so that you can contact him directly in
private as soon as you like: he kindly accepted to talk with you and
provide some information.

Bye!  :)

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