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Re: GPL & Possible Derivative Work

M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
> Mike <mike@midgard.no-ip.org> writes:
> > If I were to study GPL'ed source in order to understand a protocol
> > that it implements, would I need to and if so how would I cite this in
> > any program I create which uses any knowledge gained?
> Stating where you obtained the information is always a good idea.
> IIUC, you are intending to write your own implementation of the
> protocol, or perhaps write a client for a server.  As long as you do
> not copy any code, you will not be creating a derived work, and hence
> will not be bound by the GPL in any way.  There is, AFAIK, no dispute
> about this.

Usually the advice is to write your own code based on descriptive
information about the protocol, without looking at the original
implementation. In other words, use the RFC, not the code.
This avoids accusations about nonliteral copying.


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