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Re: quake2 and german youth protection law

* Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de> [14/06/05, 13:57:02]:
> But this doesn't matter at all.  Our guardians became frustrated with
> the necessity to index both the German translation and the original,
> so they installed a mandatory rating system for computer games
> (similar to movies in Germany and other countries).  The main problem
> isn't that quake2 is a violent game, but that it's a game.  "M-x
> tetris RET" has the same problem.

No, it doesn't. The "or similar games" goes both ways. There's a bunch
of rated Tetris games out there, so M-x tetris RET will give you a
"similar game". 

I looked into that issue a while ago. (see

There is something I tend to call "lex microsoft". It's not in the law
itself but in the "Bundesgerichtsblatt" comment, and usually courts
follow those comments. (It's the closest thing to case law we have
here). These comments usually elaborate what the gouvernment wants to
achieve with a law. There's a section saying that if the computer game
is "part of a bigger software package, and not a significant portion of
it", it doesn't need a rating. (So noone would need a rating to play MS
Minesweeper) I talked to the SuSE and RedHat people on that LinuxTag,
and both companies seem confident this also applies to GNU/Linux

Of course this doesn't change the fact that quake2 indeed is on the
index of jouth endangering games. It just says that we don't need to get
a rating for tuxcart, pingus and kolf.

Of course the IANAL paragraph applies.

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