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Local Creative Commons licences

I have just submitted some comments on the Scottish licence draft
240405 at http://www.jonathanmitchell.info/cc/cc_sco_licence.html

It is interesting to notice that the authorship problems are not
present in this licence (as far as I noticed), but the DRM one is
and the trademark terms are clearly marked as part of the licence
(section 7.1) - if not even the drafters of iC licences are clear
about those trademark terms, what hope do mere producers have?!?

The English licence seems more established than the Scottish one
and contains the problems from the US one, as far as I can tell.
I've not seen an RFC from the English drafters, though.

I don't want to join another discussion list about licensing, but
I would like to get announcements and RFCs. Is there an easy way
to track these many little commonses all different?

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