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Re: License question about regexplorer

* Roberto C. Sanchez:

> I have been recently checking out packages up for adoption or
> already orphaned.  In the process I came across regexplorer [0].
> Here are the dependencies of regexplorer and their respective
> licenses (as I understand it):
> * libc6 (LGPL)
> * libgcc1 (GPL w/ exception)
> * libqt3c102-mt (QPL/GPL)
> * libstdc++5 (GPL)
> * libx11-6 (MIT/X)
> * libxext6 (MIT/X)

And the problem is that regexplorer is licensed under the plain QPL?

> My question is this.  Is Debian accepting QT3 under the GPL or the
> QPL?

As far as I know, Debian complies with the QPL requirements, so we can
choose between QPL and GPL on a per-application basis.

> Specifically:
> (1) is the exception for libgcc1 sufficient for regexplorer to link?

Yes, as long as you use GCC to compile regexplorer.

> (2) is QT3 in Debian via QPL or GPL?

It's dual-licensed.

> (3) is libstdc++5 actually GPL w/o exception?

No, all source files should be covered by the usual exception.  If
they aren't, upstream considers this a bug.

> Additionally, it seems like QPL licensed code can't be in main

QPL is usually considered free, but its use is discouraged.  An
additional exception, as granted by OCaml for example, can improve

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