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Re: What makes software copyrightable anyway?

Raul wrote:
> If we don't do that, we might cause someone or some group (perhaps
> some of us) to get stuck with paying openssl.org some heavy
> license fee, to release openssl under gpl compatible terms.  Or,
> maybe we'll create a situation requiring some other sort of
> settlement.  And, if that's not necessary, why should we do such a
> thing?
> I don't know what the probability of legal action is in this
> specific case, nor what the probabilities are that it would
> succeed, but as a general rule (where this doesn't leave us stuck
> in contradictions) we try to respect upstream's wishes in the
> context of their software.
> For a strictly legal point of view, I'll quote
> http://practice.findlaw.com/20questions-1203.html
>   "More copyright litigation can definitely be expected ."

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little
temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.  -- Benjamin

- Michael

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