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Re: For thoughts: fair license

On Wed, 04 May 2005, James William Pye wrote:
> [Sent to license-discuss as another letter, and please CC me.]
> It's longer, but, all in all, I think it makes it a better license:

In the future, set Mail-Followup-To: to advertise this fact. (Set)
>         The exercise and enjoyment of the rights granted by
>         authorship

Exercise and enjoyment by whom, exactly?

>         is authorized provided that this instrument is retained with
>         substantial portions of the works in a good faith effort to
>         notify any entity that uses the works of this instrument.

This warranty disclaimer is probably not sufficient.
> The purpose of the license is to create a concise gift license. It
> contrasts from BSD and MIT and most other gift licenses by being
> "open-ended", rather than closed. That difference being that BSD and
> MIT specifically state the exercisable rights, whereas this license
> authorizes all the rights granted by authorship(all inclusive).

However, those licenses are quite well understood, whereas this
license is, frankly, quite confusing as to the actual extent of rights
that are granted.

I'm really not sure what this license actually improves though, since
the MIT license specifically grants any privilege that can be
excercised by those who are not actually the author. [And, at least in
my opinion, license proliferation is something that should be avoided
at all costs.]

Don Armstrong

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