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Re: Seeking advice for #305732

On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 11:08:28AM +0100, Lewis Jardine wrote:
> As I understand it (and this is a good time to emphasise that I am 
> neither a lawyer nor a DD), the Mozilla Foundation exercise the rights 
> granted in para 3.6 of the MPL[1] to distribute FF binaries under a 
> highly restrictive license. See also, the FireFox binary EULA[2].
> It is my understanding of the MPL that it is its intention to allow 
> practically any license for binary distribution, as long as the source 
> of any MPLed files (or files containing MPLed code) is made available, 
> and the end-user is made aware of this.
> As anyone receiving the source under the MPL has the same liberal choice 
> of binary license, such a license need not apply to anything you build 
> yourself from the same source, even if it ended up being identical to 
> the official FF binary. The MPL does not grant a trademark license, so 
> if your binary was infringing the FireFox trademark, you would need to 
> seek permission/forgiveness from the Mozilla Foundation.

Well, "All rights reserved" is a fairly generic part of a copyright
statement, present in almost all licenses.  (Apparently it has or had
special meaning at some point, a boilerplate part of declaring copyright.)
If there's a license granting permissions elsewhere, it's probably

Glenn Maynard

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