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Re: pre-ITP advice?

Ken Arromdee wrote:
> If someone takes the Linux version, and modifies it to run under MSDOS again,
> can they then distribute that?  From this exchange it sounds like the answer
> is "no", which would disqualify it from being free software.

I disagree; the author specifically stated:
> but if you want to port
> HelpDeco to Linux, just do it, add your copyright to mine, and release
> your port with source under GPL, so that Debian and all other Linux
> distributers can include it if they want.

He specifically permitted release under the GPL.  I see no reason to
believe that he intends to restrict the use of the source to GNU/Linux
only, or that he otherwise does not genuinely intend to grant all the
rights permitted by the GPL.  In particular, after you've assembled the
appropriate source release including the GPL notice as suggested by the
author, then you should mail the maintainer of the NetBSD port telling
them the software is available under a Free Software license (as they
currently have a note about the non-commercial-use restriction).

This is an astounding success; thank you.

- Josh Triplett

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