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Re: cl-typesetting license

Scripsit Peter Van Eynde <pvaneynd@debian.org>

> While investigating the packaging of cl-typesetting I noticed that the
> copyright looks a little strange and would like options on it. At a first
> glance it does seem to be DFSG 'free', but I get a strange feeling about
> it. Opinions?

>>  * 5. Applications using cl-typesetting like Web servers, Web applications
>>  *    native applications, and other software applications must insert
>>  *    the following acknowledgment on the same page/window than the interface
>>  *    items used to generate documents or view generated documents with
>>  *    cl-typesetting: "Document(s) generated with cl-typesetting"

I think this is non-free; it is a functional restriction.
It smells slightly like the PHPnuke thing.

Henning Makholm       "`Update' isn't a bad word; in the right setting it is
                 useful. In the wrong setting, though, it is destructive..."

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