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Re: sql-ledger may belong in non-free

On Mon, Apr 04, 2005 at 05:12:28AM -0400, Glenn Maynard wrote:
> "The GPL license allows you to extend SQL-Ledger and distribute the
> "Larger Work". This does NOT mean, that you can remove or alter the
> copyright, nor remove or alter the SQL-Ledger logo. You must give the
> "Larger Work" a different name, but must include "Powered by SQL-Ledger"
> in the product name or subtitle. (e.g. XYZ Accounting, Powered by
> SQL-Ledger). In addition, you need to acknowledge the SQL-Ledger
> trademark and copyright ("SQL-Ledger ™ is a registered trademark of DWS
> Systems Inc. Copyright © DWS Systems Inc. All rights reserved.").
> If you do not want to display the SQL-Ledger logo, the "powered by", or
> the trademark and copyright notice, you need to obtain explicit
> permission from DWS."

By the way, this text seems to be gone.  (There are still some bogus
trademark claims on that page--IANAL, but I doubt a trademark allows
them to prevent people from using "sql-ledger" in domain names as long
as the use isn't confusing--but they probably don't affect the software,
or at least the name could be removed if it became a problem.)

Glenn Maynard

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