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Re: Draft summary of Creative Commons 2.0 licenses (version 3)

<quote who="Evan Prodromou" date="2005-03-27 12:01:55 -0500">
> > There are two areas where I think the write-up is a little more
> > harsh/extreme than it should be (this is a critique that has been
> > passed to me through SPI's lawyer and others who have looked at an
> > earlier draft).
> I'm surprised by this. If, in the future, you review a document I wrote
> with someone, I'd like the feedback passed along to me sooner rather
> than later. Please also tell the people you've spoken to that I'd love
> to hear their comments directly. My email address is evan@debian.org,
> and I can also be reached by phone at 514-525-0620 (Montreal) if they're
> not comfortable with email.

When I said I was apologizing for jumping in at a late stage, I
actually meant it. :) It really annoys me when people are given the
opportunity to participate in a discussion and then complain after the
fact and to a lesser extent at the last minute.

The truth of the matter is that I don't follow legal except when
pointed to particular threads or issues. I basically thought I'd
missed the boat on the CC issues months ago and wasn't going to bring
it up. I only did so now because you re-raised the issue in this


Benjamin Mako Hill

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