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Re: Debian and Cuba

Sean Kellogg <skellogg@u.washington.edu> writes:

> Um, yeah, I'm not a lawyer either...  but I play one at school, and I wouldn't 
> be so sure about that.  While Cuba/US relations are pretty bad, Cuba does 
> have relationships with other European nations.  As part of the compromise 
> between the US and the EU granting US permission for the EU to engage in 
> trade with Cuba, I would not be at all surprised that there are certain 
> embargo protection provisions.  For example, the "The U.S. will engage trade 
> sanctions with the EU if the EU trades with Cuba and Cuba engages in activity 
> intended to subvert the U.S. embargo."  You can see how this would get messy.

A quick look on bafa.de (BAFA = german export regulation office) doesn't show
a regulation wrt Cuba. And on their website, they are listing all the
EU-wide restrictions, too. But maybe my look was too quick...

Michael Below

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