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GPL for documentation ?


Jeremy just had an interesting idea. About using a dual license. In my 
case, I would pick GPL/CC-BY. I just emailed a couple of people with the 
idea, to "test the waters".

I was hoping you could help me understand the implications of using the 
GPL for documentation:

1) The GPL language talks about software. How does that apply to something 
that is not software?

2) How do I assign the GPL/CC-BY to a document? I guess the first page of 
the file would say something like "this document is released under the GPL 
and the CC-BY license ...".

Could someone help me produce a boilerplate for the license? I want to 
make it as short and simple as possible.

3) How do I attribute authors?

In our project, each document is reviewed and edited several times by 
several different people. It's very difficult to say who changed what. 
This is one of our motivations for wanting to move away from the PDL in 
the first place.

The GPL doesn't seem to have any such requirement. So, how would I name 
the authors? Can I get away with an appendix with a list of contributors?

4) Is there anything I should be aware of that I forgot to ask? :-)

Thank you for your help.

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