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Re: flowc license

On Mon, Feb 14, 2005 at 03:45:02PM -0700, Joel Aelwyn wrote:
> And, in practice, a lot of it still boils down to what the copyright holder
> views the *practical* requirements of fufilling the clause to mean. If it
> means "make sure the phrase appears in the debian/copyright file", that's
> not terribly onerous. If it means "Make sure the clause appears on your
> website in a prominent place, and on all flyers promoting Debian's presence
> at a trade show or other event", that could be a lot less practical.

I don't think "make sure the phrase appears in the debian/copyright
file" follows from the text of the OAC.  It's pretty clear: if you
mention the software in your advertising, you have to include a verbatim
piece of text, and that pretty clearly includes things like banner ads
and other places where it's simply not practical.

If a copyright holder doesn't want to require that, then it should be
pretty easy to convince him to actually change the license, and not just
"clarify" or "interpret" the license (which gets very hairy once you
have more than one copyright holder).

Glenn Maynard

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