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Re: Eclipse 3.0 Running ILLEGALY on Kaffe

Walter Landry wrote:

If the GPLed work is separate from other works under copyright law, it doesn't contaminate them at this point.

This is wishful thinking.  The paragraphs after GPL 2c clearly cover
collective works.

Are you sure this is the case when the work is unmodified?

As I understand it, in the case of an unmodified work, section 2 (and thus, 2b) does not apply: (GPL 2: "You may *modify* your copy or copies of the Program or any portion of it, *thus forming a work based on the Program*...", my emphasis) - if you don't modify it, you don't activate section 2b, and you don't form a work based on the Program. If you have some other works that are not "any derivative work under copyright law", then you could distribute them alongside the unmodified GPLed work, without activating section 2, regardless of how closely the works interact with the GPLed work*.

* of course, close coupling would suggest that the works are derived from each other, unless they were both implementing some kind of third-party API, such as J2SE, Directshow, etc.

Lewis Jardine

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