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Re: Hypothetical situation to chew on

I wrote:
>> > In contrast, pre-1986 (I think) US law specified that works published (==
>> > deliberately distributed to the public by their authors) without a 
>> > statement went into the public domain.

Michael Edwards wrote:
>1976; but otherwise basically correct (IANAL)

Checked this one again.

The elimination of the notice requirement is present in the 1988 Berne 
Convention Implementation Act.

Under the 1976 Act, omission of notice could still result in the work rising 
into the public domain.  Unlike under the 1909 act, errors in name or date on 
the notice did *not* put the work into the public domain.  Neither did 
compilation situations where the compilation copyright notice was present, I 
believe.  Nor did unauthorized publication without notice.  However, 
deliberate total omission of copyright notices still did.  This was changed 
by the BCIA in 1988.  :-P

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