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Re: Draft summary of Creative Commons 2.0 licenses (version 2)

On Fri, 2004-24-12 at 04:12 -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
What is required to move forward on this?  Do we *need* to move forward on
Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to this email; I've been on my honeymoon in remote places.

I had a few wording fixes suggested in off-list email by various -legal members. In addition, there were some very good suggestions for making the licenses acceptable for Debian.

I've been contacted by people at Creative Commons who'd like to have a telephone conference to go over the draft. I think they're open to our suggestions, if we can stay focused on particulars. Right now, I think this is going to have to happen in late Jan. I'm running behind on a lot of things. I'm not even sure how we'd set up a debian-legal telecon.

I *will* try to send out a "final" version of the summary this wknd.


Evan Prodromou <evan@debian.org>

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