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Re: Are drawings of products trademark infringements?

Come to think of it, the "copper top" is a fun example; think of the
use of the phrase in The Matrix.  Also common slang for a redheaded
person in parts of the US.  There's an argument that "copper" and
black helps get across the "battery" meaning of a tiny icon.  Is
Duracell in danger of losing control of its trade dress?  :-)

- Michael

P. S.  In a laptop battery monitoring app, I would give the battery a
black outline and denote the charge level with, say, blue (above about
1/3 full) or red (under 1/3).  And then mention color-blindness in the
docs to say that the colors are chosen on purely functional grounds. 
Otherwise you're almost certain to duplicate somebody's trade dress.

Then again, you could live dangerously and change it from Duracell to
Brand X after determining that it doesn't report its charge level
reliably.  :)

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