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Re: Are drawings of products trademark infringements?

This bit concerns what CafePress will and will not accept:

Examples of Prohibited Content
Because of intellectual property laws, CafePress.com has certain rules 
regarding the types of merchandise that you can make and sell through 
its service. For example:

    * NO use of names, logos, pictures or other intellectual property of 
musical groups or musical artists. For example, you cannot make Britney 
Spears merchandise simply because you run a fan-based Britney Spears 
website or just because you downloaded her image from an internet 
website. You also cannot modify the name or other intellectual property 
of a musical group and avoid infringement, (e.g., using Metalika instead 
of Metallica).
    * NO use of names, logos, pictures, or other intellectual property 
of sports teams, colleges/universities, clubs, or organizations such as 
the Los Angeles Lakers, Harvard University, or The Boy Scouts. Again, 
modifications do not avoid infringement.
    * NO photos, logos, caricatures, or other artwork depicting 
celebrities, such as Michael Jackson or Madonna, or other third parties. 
Just because you take a photograph of a celebrity does not give you the 
right to use that photograph on merchandise, even if you digitally 
manipulate the photograph.
    * NO use of trademarks, names, or logos of companies. For example, 
you cannot use the name of a company such as Nike®, a company logo such 
as the Nike "swoosh" trademark, or brand name such as Coca Cola®, or a 
modified version of a trademark, (e.g., "Just Did It").
    * NO pictures or photographs of products (such as automobiles or 
toys). Even if you own a product, trademark laws still prohibit you from 
selling merchandise featuring pictures of it. For example, you cannot 
take a picture of your car and then sell t-shirts or mugs with that 

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