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Re: Bug#287090: kaquarium: copyright file does not mention apparently unlicensed image files

tags 287090 +pending

Thanks Mate :)

Branden Robinson wrote:
> Package: kaquarium
> Version: 1.0-beta-3
> Severity: serious
> Justification: violation of Debian Policy 2.2.1
> As noted on debian-legal on 20 August by Nathanael Nerode, kaquarium
> appears to contain non-DFSG-free images files (some of the same ones
> as shermans-aquarium).

This problem has been resolved by discussion with the copyright owner of the image files in question. The website that the images were originally distributed from [1] now has a license statement for the windows screensaver that the images are part of

I believe that this solves the problem, and that kaquarium and shermans-aquarium can now be packaged in a DFSG way, given suitable alterations to the copyright statements in those packages.

I'll get kaquarium fixed soon and ask my sponsor to upload it hopefully this weekend...


1. http://users.rcn.com/fillmore.dnai/freeware/scrpc.html

PS. debian-legal please CC me if you reply to this because I'm not on the list.

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