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Re: AROS License DFSG ok?

Scripsit Josh Triplett <josh.trip@verizon.net>

>>>     (b) any software, hardware, or device, other than such
>>>     Participant's Contributor Version, directly or indirectly
>>>     infringes any patent, then any rights granted to You by such
>>>     Participant under Sections 2.1(b) and 2.2(b) are revoked
>>>     effective as of the date You first made, used, sold,
>>>     distributed, or had made, Modifications made by that
>>>     Participant.

> This clause does indeed seem to terminate your patent license from that
> one participant if you sue that participant over any patent, which is
> far stronger than the previous clause, and possibly problematic (though
> still better than clauses that terminate the copyright license).

> I think (a) is not a problem at all, but (b) might be.

I tentatively think (b) is a DFSG problem if and only if the code in
question is covered by a patent that we would otherwise worry about.

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