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Re: LCC and blobs

On Thu, 6 Jan 2005, Josh Triplett wrote:
> If the firmware we have packaged in non-free comes standard on the
> device, then the driver does not need a copy of the firmware, so it does
> not have a dependency on it.

Hm?  The driver does need a copy of the firmware.  It needs a copy that is
present on the device.

> Otherwise, we end up in the absurd situation in which if the non-free
> item becomes distributable (slightly less non-free) and someone packages
> it in non-free, such that the driver can then properly express its
> dependencies, the driver suddenly needs to go to contrib.

And of course there's the absurd situation where a manufacturer decides to
move firmware from a device from a ROM to a CD and Debian suddenly cannot
provide a driver for it....

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