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Re: [ralph.roth@hp.com: RE: Including cfg2html in Debian]

Henning Makholm schrieb am Monday, den 03. January 2005:

> Scripsit Micah Anderson <micah@riseup.net>
> > There is of course the possibility that the EULA is too "draconian" to
> > even go into non-free, that I don't know so I ask you folks. The EULA
> > has been posted to:
> > http://lists.debian.org/debian-wnpp/2005/01/msg00086.html
> It is OK for non-free.

I prefer not to include this in non-free if I can help it, so although
it is good to know that it is OK for non-free, I am going to see if
the upstream is willing to change the license so it can be included in
main first. But if that will take too long, for whatever reason, I
will consider putting it into non-free to get it into Sarge before
freeze and then move it into main if it gets resolved. I am not
interested in maintaining it if it stays in non-free however.

> Parts of section 2 appear to contradict section 1:
> but I don't think that is a showstopper for non-free. 
> "Scandalize" is almost certainly a mistranslation of some German
> original meaning something else, but I'm not sure which.

I've forwarded these to the upstream.

> I get a distinct feeling that the author of this license is trying to
> do the Right Thing, but is confused and/or misguided. We would be
> happy to provide assistance in finding or drafting a free license that
> satisfies the upstream author, if you need it.

I would really appreciate that, hopefully the upstream would also be
amenable to this, we shall see.


ps - please continue to CC me as I am not subscribed to debian-legal

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