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[ralph.roth@hp.com: RE: Including cfg2html in Debian]

Howdy Debian-legal,

There is an RFP that I am looking to do, and I've been trying to sort
out the license so that it can be included in Debian. In particular
the software had *no* license for some time, and only recently has it
aquired a EULA that is non-DFSG compliant. I've been in contact with
the upstream to tell them that I really would like to include their
software in Debian, but in order to do so we'd need to do some
work on the License. He seems eager to get it in, but doesn't know if
there are copyright issues and suggests that it goes into non-free
while we work them out, later move it into main. 

There is of course the possibility that the EULA is too "draconian" to
even go into non-free, that I don't know so I ask you folks. The EULA
has been posted to:

you can see his response to my license query below, I would really
like to help him resolve these "(maybe) copyright issues" so that it
can go into main, instead of non-free, so I would like some advice on
how to move forwards with that.


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Subject: RE: Including cfg2html in Debian
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 10:50:04 +0100
From: "Roth, Ralph (ASM, Neu-Ulm)" <ralph.roth@hp.com>
To: Micah Anderson <micah@riseup.net>

Hi Micah,

thanks for your email. This is a quick reply from me. 

I would be happy if cfg2html will be included into Debian (maybe in
sarge)? Unfortunatley there are (maybe) copyright issues we must
discuss. Maybe we can first put it under non-free and move it later to

Do you have version 1.18-10?//1.18-11?

With best regards,

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