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Re: mozilla thunderbird trademark restrictions / still dfsg free ?

Mike Hommey wrote:
Note that this name change requirement gets interesting to name
Mozilla Thunderbird can be "Thunderbird for Debian" or "Debian
Mozilla Firefox can be "Firefox for Debian" or "Debian Firefox"
What can be Mozilla ? "for Debian" or "Debian" ?

I think they want us to negotiate all package names individually. In addition, they will be god for us (e.g. we add a patch, they have to agree). I think if we try this procedure and they usually do not complain, we can probably do it. I mean, just negotiate on the name und keep it running as usual, until they really claim that we need to remove a patch or something. if that happens, we can rethink our position and maybe drop the trademark symbols.

Anyway, I guess we should try find a unique solution for all mozilla apps.

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