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mozilla thunderbird trademark restrictions / still dfsg free ?

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mozilla _wants_ us to make some changes to the thunderbird package in order to
not infringe their trademarks.

So what do they basically want? They basically want us to comply to the
community editions terms as described in [1]. This implies that we do not use
any term that reads: "Mozilla Thunderbird". Neither in the package-name nor in
the application itself.

So what does this mean? The mozilla-thunderbird package should be named
thunderbird (*sigh*). They feel this is most important and there is no way to
negotiate about the package name. In addition we need to make some changes to
the thunderbird package. That is ... remove all "Mozilla Thunderbird" terms from
the app (change to Debian Thunderbird). In addition all locale packages need to
be adjusted.

Another IMHO more important point is, that we need (they want us) to add a
statement to the thunderbird copyright file like:

"People distributing works derived from the default Debian package of
Thunderbird will have to also comply with the mozilla.org trademark policies, or
remove the trademarks entirely from the package. Obviously, if it's a just a
copy of the package, no permission would be needed."

So my question ... Is thunderbird still free and suitable for main with these

If _not_, the only option left would be the iceweasel way mentioned in [1].



[1] - http://www.mozilla.org/foundation/trademarks/policy.html

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