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Using "debian extended xterminal (dext)" as name for a project.

Hello folks,

since some time we are developing a set of shell scripts in order to set
up a environment for xterminals and diskless workstations.

We provide the following capabilities

- install a chroot environment with debootstrap
- create a proper initrd 
- create a custom kernel
- create a tftp environment in order to support booting with pxe and
- setting up a kiosk system

The project is debian specific, as it aims to simplify the
administrative point. We use the usual debian way for administration.
That means that you can administer the chroot enviroment (xterminal
system ) with ordinary debian tools (no new tricks).

We would like to call this project "debian extended xterminal" or short

The question now arises if we can use this name or if there are any
legal obstacles (copyrights).

The scripts are GPL, of course.

Juergen Lueters <jlueters@intranet-engineering.de>
Intranet Engieering GmbH

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