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Bug#287089: shermans-aquarium: contains non-free or undistributable images

Package: shermans-aquarium
Version: 2.2.0-1
Severity: serious
Justification: violates section 2.2.1 of Debian Policy

As noted on debian-legal on 20 August by Nathanael Nerode,
shermans-aquarium appears to contain non-DFSG-free images files.

It is unclear to me whether these files are even distributable by Debian
at all; that they come free-of-charge with a gratis screen saver for
Windows operating systems implies no grant of permission to the Debian
Project whatsoever.

I have attached the debian/copyright file and upstream README.

The copyright holder in the images, Jim Toomey, should be contacted as soon
as possible for license negotiations.  If those are unsuccessful and
distributable replacement images are not used, this package should be
withdrawn from the Debian archives.  (Without a grant of license under
copyright law, we cannot distribute these images even in non-free).

-- System Information:
Debian Release: 3.1
  APT prefers unstable
  APT policy: (500, 'unstable'), (500, 'testing')
Architecture: powerpc (ppc)
Kernel: Linux 2.4.25-powerpc-smp
Locale: LANG=C, LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8 (charmap=UTF-8)

Versions of packages shermans-aquarium depends on:
ii  libart-2.0-2    2.3.16-6                 Library of functions for 2D graphi
ii  libatk1.0-0     1.8.0-4                  The ATK accessibility toolkit
ii  libbonobo2-0    2.8.0-4                  Bonobo CORBA interfaces library
ii  libbonoboui2-0  2.8.0-2                  The Bonobo UI library
ii  libc6           2.3.2.ds1-19             GNU C Library: Shared libraries an
ii  libgconf2-4     2.8.1-4                  GNOME configuration database syste
ii  libglib2.0-0    2.4.8-1                  The GLib library of C routines
ii  libgnome2-0     2.8.0-6                  The GNOME 2 library - runtime file
ii  libgnomecanvas2 2.8.0-1                  A powerful object-oriented display
ii  libgnomeui-0    2.8.0-3                  The GNOME 2 libraries (User Interf
ii  libgnomevfs2-0  2.8.3-6                  The GNOME virtual file-system libr
ii  libgtk2.0-0     2.4.14-2                 The GTK+ graphical user interface 
ii  libice6         4.3.0.dfsg.1-10          Inter-Client Exchange library
ii  liborbit2       1:2.10.2-1.1             libraries for ORBit2 - a CORBA ORB
ii  libpanel-applet 2.8.2-1                  Library for GNOME 2 Panel applets
ii  libpango1.0-0   1.6.0-3                  Layout and rendering of internatio
ii  libpopt0        1.7-5                    lib for parsing cmdline parameters
ii  libsdl1.2debian 1.2.7+1.2.8cvs20041007-3 Simple DirectMedia Layer
ii  libsm6          4.3.0.dfsg.1-10          X Window System Session Management
ii  libx11-6        4.3.0.dfsg.1-10          X Window System protocol client li
ii  libxml2         2.6.11-5                 GNOME XML library
ii  xlibs           4.3.0.dfsg.1-10          X Keyboard Extension (XKB) configu
ii  zlib1g          1:1.2.2-4                compression library - runtime
This package was debianized by Jose M. Moya <josem@die.upm.es> on
Tue, 27 Jul 2004 18:51:52 +0200.

It was downloaded from http://aquariumapplet.sourceforge.net/

Upstream Author:
	Jonas Aaberg <cja@gmx.net>


	Sherman's aquarium is available under GNU General Public
	License (GPL) version 2.

	NOTICE: The fish images are copyrighted by Jim Toomey!
	They are extracted from a Windows screensaver that is released
	as freeware. The fish images are NOT GNU GPL!
	(see README file for more information)

On Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU General
Public License can be found in `/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL'.
 Sherman's aquarium v2.2.0
(Formly known as Aquarium applet)

This is a wm(Window maker) applet, Gnome applet(both verison 1 and 2) and
a XscreenSaver "hack" that gives you an aquarium with some randomly 
selected fishes that lives there. 
Well, to tell you the truth, you can get some other strange sea animails
in your aquarium too.
Some other features this program gives you, except for the part that
it gives you an aquarium with fishes that takes care of itself, no
feed, no cleaning and so on, is that the temperature scale on the right
side shows the CPU load. It can also be configurated to display the
time and show the status of numlock, capslock and scrollock.

The fishes are done by Jim Toomey, the author of the "Sherman's Lagoon"

Fish Images:

The fish images are taken from a freeware windows screen saver by 
Jim Toomey.(www.slagoon.com) He draws a really great cartoon strip 
named "Sherman's lagoon". (You can ready a daily strip at his site,
and in many news papers.)
I have to point out that NO reverse engineering nor disassembling
was made in order to extract the fish images. I did just look at
the hex code and wrote a program that read the interesting parts,
and converted them to readable images.
So the fish images are copyrighted by Jim Toomey, and released
in his screensaver as freeware. 
I've manage to get in contact with Jim Toomey and he told me
he likes "Sherman's aquarium" and that it's ok that I use that
name for my program. But he didn't give me permission to use
his graphics, but neither did he tell me to remove his graphics,
which I'm very thankfull for. (Jim, THANKS ALOT!!)

Options & Features:

For the gnome panel applet, please use the preferences window, and
NOT the command line options. 

Preference window:

I think most options don't need to be described, but some needs.

"Prey can be eaten".   - There is a fish called hunter which can
		         swallow a fish called prey, at the right
"Blowfish can explode" - The swordfish can make a hole in the blowfish
			 so it explodes.
"Double width/height"  - The applet can be made twice as large as normal,
			 and on which direction depends on the panel

Commandline options for wm applet:

 --help			Show this message and exits.
 -v	--version	Show version and exits.
 -i	--info		Show compile info and exits.
 -t	--nothermometer	Removes the thermometer.
 -c	--noclock	Removes the digital clock.
 -k	--nokeyleds	Removes the keyboard leds indicator.
 -d	--datadir	Alternativ datadir. Overrides default directory
			and the enviroment variable SHERMANS_AQUARIUM_DATA_DIR.
 -b #	--background #	Select background:
			1 - Solid blue
			2 - Shaded blue
			3 - Waterlike (default)
 -bf <file>		--backgroundfile <file>	Select your own background.
 -n #	--numfish	Choose the number of fish you want in your aquarium.
			Five is default.
 -m	--matrix	Show matrix scroller when mouse pointer is over. Default off.
 -u #	--numbubbles	Choose the number of bubbles. Default is ten.
 -x #			X position on the screen.
 -y #			Y position on the screen.
			-x and -y must be given together.
 -wm	--startwm	Start WindowMaker applet instead of Gnome applet.
			(Gnome applet is default if the panel is running.)
 -s	--scale		Scale the fish. (100 is scale 1:1. 50 is half size.)
 -h #	--height #	Choose the window height. Default is 64 for wm.
 -w #	--width #	Choose the window width. Default is 64 for wm.
 -fe			Force Enlightenment settings.
			(Act like a normal program)
 -window-id		Run Sherman's aquarium in a special window
 -l	--fullscreen	Start in fullscreen instead of as an applet.
 -K	--keep-resolution
			Keeps the current resolution instead of switching.
 -e	--escape-only	Fullscreen quits only when the escape key is pressed.
 --xscreensaver		For xscreensaver only.DO NOT USE THIS SWITCH OTHERWISE!!
 -f	--seafloor	Add a sea floor on the background in fullscreen mode.
 -p	--preferences	Starts the preferences dialog. The preferences will be
			saved and used next time Sherman's aquarium is started.
 -r			Reset settings. If Sherman's aquarium
			crashes at startup, this might help.


I saw a very nice screensaver for Windows about four, five years ago.
It's named "Sherman's lagoon" after the comic, and released as freeware
by the author of that comic. From the very start I wanted to have it
for Linux too. Quite quick I made a program that extracted the
graphics and the sounds. Then I tried to make a screensaver, but I 
got stuck in gtk+/gdk problems that I couldn't solve.
Then one day, years later, I played with the code Timecop's 
wmfishmon code, and this is the result.

See NEWS for a more recent history.

See the AUTHOR file for credits.

If you enjoy this small program, please send me (Jonas Aaberg <cja@gmx.net>)
an email. For every email I get, the chances that I add new features 
and/or make other applets get larger. (Please include the word Aquarium
or Sherman's aquarium in the subject.)

Patches, constructive critizism, extra features, sudjestions(good ones :-), 
better graphics, pizzas,.. are very welcome! :-)

If you need help with anything, don't hessitate to contact me! 

Also, I will redesign the preference window quite soon and I hope that
some people are willing to do some translation for me.
So if you speak some language that isn't Swedish or German, and are
willing to do some translation, please mail me!
(Even english is of interest, since my english is far from perfect.)

Sherman's aquarium home is: http://aquariumapplet.sourceforge.net
(Big thanks to the SF team for providing a home for Sherman's aquarium!)

Have fun,
    Jonas Aaberg <cja@gmx.net>

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