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Are BLOBs source code?

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

Your opinion (and I would generaly agree there) would be that the
pseudo source files released are not source as per GPLs definition
A lot of these BLOBs have been identified as ARM7 code, and generally "thumb" (the 8-bit ARM instructions). They come from C or assembly language, I bet mostly C. Various people have been able to identify the processor that is used, just by comparing the code to well-known instruction sets. If they wanted to take the trouble to encrypt the BLOB, they'd put FLASH on the card.

If it is not [source] it can't be in non-free due to license violation.
That's why I say the BLOB should be in a file rather than the driver. Have the driver send the file to the device. It's I/O rather than part of the driver. Then, you can consider the license issues of the BLOB individually from any other code.



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